Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation dentistry is very helpful for patients who need a little help relaxing during a dental visit. Some dental practices call this type of dentistry ‘sleep dentistry’, but it doesn’t actually put you to sleep. The primary thing I want you to remember about IV sedation dentistry is that it’s relaxing and it will make the worst fears you feel about the dentist just melt away.

No Worries

This is the main reason we use IV sedation dentistry. When a patient is apprehensive about a procedure, it can cause undue stress on the patient’s body and this can complicate procedures in some cases. We want you relaxed without a worry in the world and that’s exactly what IV sedation dentistry provides. You’ll be conscious, able to answer to commands and such, but you won’t even care that the procedure is going on.

What Procedure?

Another benefit to IV sedation dentistry is that it will cause you to forget the entire thing. For this reason, it will seem as though time flashes before your eyes. This is perfect for those patients who are so afraid of the procedure that they would rather not know what went on.

Safe, Painless and Effective

IV stands for intravenous, which means we administer the sedation drugs directly into your veins. While this does require the use of a needle, we use a numbing agent on the skin to make sure you don’t feel it. The drugs we use are tested and approved and incredibly safe for use by patients.

 No More Gag Reflex

A big benefit for the dentist it that the patient’s gag reflex diminishes because of the effects of the drugs used in sedation dentistry. This can lead to shorter appointment times and more effective procedures, all while the patient is able to cooperate and work with the dentist until the procedure is finished.

There are many benefits to IV sedation dentistry and this type of sedation can help you get through your next dental procedure if it’s something that you’ve been dreading. To learn more about IV sedation or to inquire about receiving IV sedation dentistry at your next appointment call or come by Dentures Alaska anytime you’d like.


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