Partial Dentures in Anchorage, AK

Partial dentures can help Anchorage denture wearers who may have large gaps in their smile due to severe tooth loss. Dentures Alaska will provide you with the best looking, the best-fitting and the most affordable partial dentures in Anchorage.

Partial Dentures In Anchorage

Older couple enjoy a meal together with no issues eating because of partial dentures from Dentures Alaska in Anchorage, AK.At Dentures Alaska, we offer cast-metal partial dentures that simply snap in place. These partial dentures are a set of acrylic teeth set over a metal framework that clips to your natural teeth.

Since these dentures are tooth-supported, they put less pressure on the gums and can be reshaped every so often to ensure a better fit. Our Anchorage partial denture wearers will also enjoy better sense of taste and temperature sensation since the prosthetic takes up much less tissue coverage.

Invisible, Flexible Partial Dentures

Valplast dentures are increasing in popularity here at Dentures Alaska. These Anchorage partial dentures are nearly undetectable and are designed for a more comfortable fit. Made from pressed nylon, which means they won't break easily, these dentures are also tissue-supported, which makes them sturdy and more natural-feeling. Flexible dentures are cheaper than traditional cast metal dentures, but it may be necessary to purchase new ones every five years or so since you cannot rebase them as your bone changes over the years.

Free Denture Adjustments For The First 3 Months!

At Dentures Alaska, we strive to provide our Anchorage partial denture wearing patients with the best-fitting, most comfortable and most confidence-inspiring dentures in Alaska.

We offer free denture adjustments for the first three months, several payment options and even CareCredit financing for those who qualify. We accept all forms of insurance. To learn more about partial dentures in Anchorage, call Dentures Alaska today.

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