Immediate, 1 Day Dentures in Anchorage, AK

Immediate Anchorage Dentures, also known as 'Immediate Dentures', are for those Anchorage denture wearers who need to have their teeth extracted but don't want to go home without teeth. Our 1-Day Denture specialists are specially trained to perform Anchorage denture services and denture surgical procedures all under one roof.

1-Day Dentures

Smiling older couple who got dentures in just one day at the Anchorage, AK office of Dentures Alaska.Dentures Alaska is the only denture provider in Alaska to offer dentures Immediate. First, you will come in for your initial oral examination, which includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing and a series of X-rays. Dr. Guy Burk DMD will then provide you with a diagnosis and treatment options, which includes Immediate service for all Anchorage denture wearers.

Treatment Options For Immediate Dentures in Anchorage

All Anchorage Immediate denture wearers have their choice of services, including:

  • Invisible, Flexible Full And Partial Dentures
  • Cast Metal Partial Dentures
  • Full Upper or Lower Dentures
  • Free Denture Adjustments For The First 3 Months!

We even perform the fastest denture repair in Anchorage. At Dentures Alaska, we strive to provide all of our denture wearing patients with the best looking, best-fitting and most confidence-inspiring dentures in Alaska. If you live in Anchorage and you wear dentures or you need to have several teeth extracted, come into Dentures Alaska and let us show you why our Immediate Anchorage denture wearing patients are the happiest in Alaska.

Convenient And Affordable

At Dentures Alaska, we believe in the motto, "Treat your patients like family and they will take care of you." In keeping with that motto, we will strive to always provide the best dentures in Anchorage at the very best prices. All of our Immediate denture wearers in Anchorage and the surrounding areas will also receive three months of free denture adjustments.

To help make one-day dentures in Anchorage even more affordable, we offer several payment options and accept all forms of insurance. To learn more about Immediate dentures in Anchorage, call Dentures Alaska.

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