What to Expect From an Immediate Dentures Procedure?

When most of your teeth are painful or lose, they might become irreparable. Such condition is normally caused by decay or periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases lead to bone loss and if not rectified in time, there's very little support left for the teeth. This leaves an expert with no other option but to remove the projection permanently. Getting rid of your natural teeth and substituting them with dentures is probably the best way to purge the infection and reinstate the mouth’s health. When this entire process is finished in just one day, it's known as same day dentures in Anchorage.

What to Expect:

The process of installing same day dentures in Anchorage starts with the dentist taking an impression of your mouth. With these impressions, models for the mouth are created, which are then used to make dentures. The doctor works with you to choose the right shape and color for your new teeth. Once the denture is ready, the expert extracts the remainder of the natural teeth. Before beginning the removal process, however, you will be administered sedation. Sedation medication is normally given orally an hour before the extraction to get the patient to relax.

Once the teeth are out, the denture is fitted inside the mouth immediately. For three days, you are asked to keep the prosthetics inside your mouth under all circumstances. The denture tends to work as a bandage and helps in the process of healing. Generally, no stitches have to be placed as the prosthetic keeps everything in position. This is known as controlled healing. In case the denture is taken off, the mouth can swell and not recover properly.

Some temporary issues are normal when you’re adjusting to the new prosthetics. At first the device might tip when you eat because of improper healing. Few sections heal really quickly, while some a little slowly. You might also experience increased salivation. The prosthetic might feel bulky and your tongue might feel crowded. You may also have difficulty speaking. Remember, learning how to live with same day dentures in Anchorage is a process that takes time. But if you stay consistent, you will eventually make the required adjustments.


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