What Is The Procedure For Denture Repair?

Your dentures broke due to some reason and now you’ve sent them off for fixing. But how are they really repaired? Who is responsible for fixing them? And is it really safe to depend on dental labs? Such questions go through every patient’s mind while he/she waits for the prosthetics to come back. By getting a basic understanding of how the dental laboratory works and the credentials of the staff, you will be able to grasp the whole procedure.

The basics:

Repair of dentures takes place in a lab. The laboratory may be situated within a dental office, but more often it is a standalone center to which the Denturists or Dentists ship devices that require attention. Dental labs may also repair dentures based on orders shipped straight from the patient. Such orders are placed through the Internet, mail-order or via phone.

Good laboratories make use of the American Dental Association (ADA) certified and approved materials and consist of a team of dentists, certified dental technicians, and managers. This helps ensure safe practices as well as quality technical and customer service for the consumer. Specifically trained technicians work at the lab to fix and build numerous kinds of dental appliances from bridges and crowns to retainers and dentures. However, there may also be laboratories that may focus exclusively on denture repair and re-construction. Workers primarily make use of hand tools to generate an exact replica of the patient's teeth or mouth. The technician then follows precise instructions from the dental experts and utilizes casts, models, or molds of the patients' mouth or teeth, if available, to create the dentures.

To repair these prosthetics, an Anchorage dentures specialist may have to do several things. They may have to combine ingredients such as coloring agents with acrylic for the gum section of the denture. Experts may also use small spatula-like equipment to smear the acrylic over a fracture or may have to use Bunsen burners, wire cutters, or soldering devices to strengthen the device.


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