The Various Types of Dentures

Dentures are a set of fake teeth that are attached to a metal or plastic plate that fits inside the mouth. These artificial projections are normally fabricated from porcelain and mounted on a pink acrylic base which resembles the natural color of the gums.

There are several benefits of dentures, such as,

1. Natural-looking teeth:Dentures have the look of natural teeth. Hence, they make you feel more confident in public.
2. Improved chewing abilities: A denture that has been properly fixed can restore a patient’s bite. Artificial teeth assist the patient to enjoy healthier meals without just relying on soft foods and purees.
Enhanced speech:By getting projections in the areas where teeth were missing, patients will experience a considerable improvement in their speaking ability.
Better appearance: Artificial teeth can correct the sunken, collapsed, cheeked appearance.

Kinds of Dentures

There are two kinds of dentures: Partial and Complete.

Complete dentures: Complete dentures have a full flesh-colored base that easily fits over the gums. These projections are used when you are missing a complete set of original teeth in the lower and upper arch. Commonly known as standard dentures, full dentures can be further categorized into "Immediate" and "Conventional".

Conventional dentures are made to be worn once the gum tissue has been healed. On the other hand, immediate dentures are worn right away but will require some modification to fit correctly during the healing process.

Partial dentures: Also called bridges, partial dentures seal the gap left due to a few missing projections. These fake teeth are joined to a pink-colored base, normally made of plastic or metal.

With reasonable cost and an excellent success rate, dentures have become the preferred choice for patients with missing projections. However, for satisfying results, it is important to get the treatment done by a skilled Anchorage dentures specialist.


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