Sleep Apnea and Dental Appliances

Sleep apnea is a condition that prevents a person from getting a full night’s sleep. The person actually stops breathing several times throughout the night. This causes the person’s body to essentially think that it is suffocating and the person wakes up – over and over again.

This can cause irritability, a lack of focus and a whole host of other problems due to lack of proper rest. For those sleep apnea sufferers who can’t tolerate the CPAP machine, we recommend the use of special dental appliances.

Dental appliances come in two basic designs. The Mandibular Advancement Device or (MAD) and the Tongue Retraining Device (TRD). The MAD is the most widely used sleep apnea dental appliance. It’s similar in appearance to a mouth guard and it forces the lower jaw forward and down slightly. This keeps your airway open so that you can breathe easier and more peacefully at night. The TRD is a splint that holds the tongue where it’s supposed to be so that the airway remains open.

When you come into Dentures Alaska for a sleep apnea dental appliance, we will form-fit the appliance to fit so that there is very little discomfort, if any is felt at all. When the appliance fits as it should, you’ll forget it’s there as you drift off to sleep.

These dental appliances not only help with sleep apnea, but they can reduce instances of snoring and improve your life in other ways, mainly because you’ll be getting more sleep. Many patients report an improvement in mood, work performance, personal relationships and a resurgence of energy.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, if you suspect that you do or you’re interested in learning more about sleep apnea and dental appliances, call or come into Dentures Alaska at your earliest convenience. Whether you use the CPAP or dental appliances, make sure you get help for any sleep disorders. Not only can they wreak havoc in your personal and professional lives, but they can be disastrous to your health, even fatally.

We can prevent complications related to sleep apnea. Call or come into Dentures Alaska for a free initial consultation.


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