As a Patient of Dentures Alaska, Do I Still Need to Worry About Gum Disease?

Gum Disease Dentures AlaskaIt’s common for dentures wearers to allow their oral care to go by the wayside. It’s very common in full denture wearers, but it can even happen with partial denture wearers. The idea is that, since the person’s natural teeth are gone, regular oral care no longer applies. We urge all of our patients – full and partial denture wearers – to continue to care for their remaining teeth and gums just as they would if they had all of their natural teeth.  We encourage regular brushing, flossing – if possible - and rinsing to keep bacteria at bay. Not caring for your gums can lead to gum disease and that can lead to bad breath, pain and the need to spend more money. Do I have your attention yet? I hope so. Here are those three consequences once again in a little bit more detail, as well as the actions you can take to can keep them from effecting your life.

Bad Breath

Gum disease is caused by bacteria camping out on and inside of your gums. These bacteria feed on the sugars of the foods you eat and oftentimes use sulfur instead of oxygen to thrive and breed. These sulfur consuming bacteria end up creating nasty smelling compounds that can then be smelled on your breath. If you want to avoid offending everyone you speak to at close distances, keep your dentures clean at every opportunity and brush your gums and rinse according to your Dentures Alaska doctor’s recommendations.

Denture Pain

While the bacteria may feel like they’re having a grand old time, the result of their thriving and eating could have devastating effects on your gums. The bacteria secrete an acidic compound that can cause your gums to become red and inflamed and this can cause pain whenever your dentures are worn. Then, if that happens, and you try to eat with your dentures in, you could really find yourself in a world of hurt. By keeping your mouth free of bacteria and your gums free of disease, you will keep your dentures comfortable and eating will be a breeze.

The Need to Spend More Money

Gum disease can not only cause your breath to smell bad and your gums to become inflamed, but they can cause your dentures to become useless. If your gums and jawbone begin to recede due to gum disease, you may have to be fitted for a new denture, or your old pair may need to be adjusted. This is just a warning that not caring for your gums can have drastic consequences on your pocketbook and lifestyle if you’re not careful.

And I don’t want to scare you, but gum disease can eventually lead to coronary and artery disease, as well as heart attack and stroke.

Just make sure you always keep your mouth clean and you will avoid experiencing any type of gum disease. Then your breath will always smell great, your dentures will always fit as intended and you’ll save money all because you listened to your Dentures Alaska doctor and took good care of your oral health.


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