Dentures: The Basics

Dentures are essential dental prosthesis used to restore missing teeth. These are advised to people who have weak bone construction or are too young to get dental implants. Artificial teeth are also popular among people who prefer to use appliances that are easily removable and cost-effective.


Dental prosthetics are normally made with a resin base and synthetic teeth to replicate natural teeth. They are personalized to fit the mouth of individual patients. To construct them, dental professionals first take an impression of the patient’s mandibular and maxillary arches. The cast is then shipped to a lab where the dentures are created. Once the dentures have been completed, the patient is asked to come in for the final fitting. An Anchorage dentures specialist then checks for any issues that may cause discomfort to the patient.


Denture adhesives are advised to keep the appliance in its place. There are presently three kinds of adhesives available-

Creams: creams come in tubes and resemble normal toothpaste. The lotion is spread over in strips to steady the denture.

Powder: adhesive powders are another form available in the market. To apply, patients have to wet the denture and spread about ¼ of a teaspoon of this bonding agent onto the surface. The prosthetic is then held in its place till it sets.

Strips: the third option is bonding strips. These are created to fix the mandibular and maxillary arch. The wafers should be wet and held in position to set.

Dentures Alaska needs to be cleaned on a daily basis to avoid inflammation and gum infection. Also, a specially designed denture brush must be utilized in place of a regular toothbrush to avoid any kind of abrasion. Moreover, it’s good to store the appliance in water with denture cleanser when not being used.

It is advisable to not use bleach, vinegar, normal toothpaste or soap to sanitize the prosthetic. Get in touch with a dental professional about appropriate stain removal measures. Since the prosthetic is created out of a resin-like substance, it could deform when out of water. In case this happens, stop using the denture until it has been assessed by a prosthodontist.


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