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Partial dentures in Anchorage are essentially replacement teeth for those who have lost their natural projections. Partial dentures are normally removable and can easily be taken in and out of the mouth. They contain a denture base that closely resembles the denture teeth and gums that are attached to the supporting framework. Partial dentures then attach to the existing natural teeth through a retentive device.


Creating partial dentures in Anchorage requires approximately six to eight weeks; but this might vary from patient to patient. It can also depend on the kind of technique and denture the dentist uses.

  • The first stage in making dentures is preparing the teeth. In this step, the dental expert modifies the projections that partial denture will need for support. After that, the dentist takes a precise impression of the lower and upper arches of the mouth. These impressions are sent to the laboratory.

  • Normally, partial dentures are delivered to the clinic in a few days. Once the product is received, the dentist assesses the patient’s bite, tests his/her speech, and verifies the function and appearance of the partial denture gums and teeth. Once the final appearance and fit is achieved, the denture is sent back to the lab for finishing touches.

  • While all efforts are made to ensure a functional partial denture, it might take a few visits and some time for the patient and the denture to adapt to one another. The point to remember here is that adapting to partial dentures is a procedure. In certain cases it might take weeks to get accustomed to a partial denture. A new denture might also change the patient’s speaking and eating habits and might necessitate some practicing before the patient gets comfortable.

If a person is scheduled to get a tooth pulled before receiving partial dentures in Anchorage then the dentist will advise the individual to get a stay plate or a temporary partial denture while the gums are healing. A stay plate is a provisional replacement till some other permanent form of treatment, like a bridge, implant, or a partial denture is made. A stay plate can replace the teeth and can assist the patient in speaking and chewing. It will also help in keeping the existing teeth from shifting in the mouth.


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